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In Applying for YOUR Remodeling Project, My Objective is This:
    I, Sabrina Johnson, as the President/Owner of KDCO Home Improvement, Inc.,
pride myself in being very quality oriented in both product and craftsmenship.  I feel every customer; whether it be for a minor repair to a full blown  remodeling project; deserves a contractor that only subscribes to the highest standards of integrity, ethics and experience; that safeguard the consumer.  Home Beautification needs are not usually cheap, but they are necessary investments that should increase the value of our homes.  Our Investments in such
projects should serve not only aesthetically, but also Efficiently and Durably to improve our lifestyles around us; while instilling Value for the projects contractual
             Roofing                 Siding/Custom Trim
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Repairs of all Sizes
"Kustom Design for Exterior Remodeling"